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This 6 hour course provides a complete overview of all aspects of Robot Framework (web, API, database, XML file system tests). You’ll learn how to install and configure it, how to create and run your very first Selenium Webdriver-based script, and then how to use variables, custom keywords, page objects, and layers to produce enterprise-quality test suites.

I’ll also walk you through the fundamentals of creating tests using the API, database, XML, and File System libraries so you can script complex end to end test scenarios across all application tiers. Check out the “Course Content” below for all the details.


  1. This course assumes you have a software testing background and you know how to create a manual test case (containing a verification) as a basis for your automated tests.
  2. The course will briefly demonstrate the use of Jenkins and CSS selectors, so if you’re not familiar with those, please also take the Level 2 course.
  3. Robot Framework tests are command line-driven, so that is a recommended topic for additional study if you’ve never used it. I will cover command line basics in the course, however, so you will not be held back by this skill.
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Course Materials

Course Content

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A demo to hook you, and a high level overview of the tool.

15 min


Install & Configure

The Win 7 installation process explained in great detail.

53 min


Create Your First Script

You'll be amazed how easily you can use a few plain English keywords to automate a web browser.

45 min


Script Running Options

Let's look at several ways we can run a script, on-demand or scheduled!

35 min


Make the Script More Readable

Good test automation is easy for anyone to understand. Let's use keywords, variables, and page objects to add clarity.

63 min


Use Variables to Centralize Data

Using thoughtfully named variables can increase the readability of your scripts, and generally makes them easier to maintain by not repeating literal values in many places.

47 min


Semantic Sugar

It's very important for scripts and especially test result logs to be intuitive, meaningful, and clear. Let's look at some ways we can make them even more readable.

25 min


SCRIPTING CHALLENGE: Create a test suite from start to finish!

In this section, you will apply what you've learned from the previous sections to create a complete, layered suite with 2 tests. I'll give you the requirements, and we'll build the suite together!

45 min


Exploring the Robot Framework Libraries

Robot Framework is a generic framework that leverages many different pre-existing open source libraries to get work done. Let's take a look at several of the most common libraries.


Next Steps

Now you have a strong working overview of how Robot Framework can help you create valuable automated tests... but we've only just scratched the surface of capabilities. Now it's time to dig in and read more about the library keywords and move on to the Level 2 course, plus Jenkins, Git, and Saucelabs courses!

3 min