Robot Framework - Level 2

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In this course, we’ll take a deeper dive into the technical capabilities of the Robot Framework test automation platform, taking your Robot Framework test automation skills to the next level:

  • Many quick tips to turbocharge your level 1 skills
  • Intro to creating custom Robot Framework libraries
  • A “TODO” script review process to improve collaboration with team members
  • How to keep your open source tools up to date
  • Conditionals & loops to make your scripts more logical
  • Advanced data handling with Dictionaries
  • A deep dive into web locators
  • Data-driven testing
  • A complete end to end example
  • More!

By the end of the course, you should feel confident to pursue a role with any company who needs to introduce test automation into their software development lifecycle.


  1. This course builds upon information presented in the Level 1 course. It’s not a mandatory pre-requisite, but taking the Level 1 course will be very helpful to the Level 2 material. I highly recommend the Jenkins/Git course as well!
Buy Now for $47
Buy Now for $47