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Clark Burbidge
In my initial attempt to get started with Robot Framework, I spent at least 20 hours Googling, researching, reading manuals, and following any text-based tutorials I could find. Now... after spending LESS THAN 1 HOUR on only the first few Robot Framework Level 1 videos... I have learned as much or more than I gained in those 20+ hours of my own efforts. Not only did I enjoy the flow of the videos, but I learned several tricks I hadn't seen anywhere else, and now feel that I have a great foundation to continue my learning. I'm looking forward to additional courses!

Fergal Flynn
I found the tutorials extremely helpful. They were perfectly suited to my needs. There is enough detail and information for me to learn fast and attempt the steps myself while not getting bogged down with too much information. I really wish I had these tutorials a few months back when I started to look into Robot Framework, as they piece together all the information I had to learn the hard way!

Runa Zhang
Engineer, China

The overall impression – AWESOME! I searched for a while for Robot Framework information and tried to use other courses, however, I want to say this is the ONLY course I would recommend to you. You can follow the course and practice what the instructor introduced at the end of each unit. If you immediately apply what you've studied, it really helps you learn faster. By the way, instructor's English is very good and clear for me as I am a foreigner. I could fully understand the course.

Kenneth Doherty
The material in these videos is a good starting point not only for beginning testers, but also for experienced manual testers that want to work more efficiently. The section regarding PATH entries is something beginners really need to know & get right to avoid problems.  I could easily follow the videos and thought the detail level was great. The pace is just right. Additionally... your presentation style of “tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you've told them” helps reinforce the material. I like that you provide downloadable scripts because it helps for reviewing what was taught in the videos.      

Rakesh Palani
I have gone through the video tutorials. It was perfect for  beginners to learn about Robot Framework. Content was very clear and understandable. When I tried learning Robot Framework from other tutorials, it was very hard to aggregate the information. Finally seeing all required info in one place was really very helpful. Great work! Thanks a lot.

Marie Campbell
Bryan's tutorials are fantastic! The content is very valuable, and it's explained in a way that's easy for even a beginner to understand. Understanding the things taught in the Level 1 course was a breeze. I started with no previous Selenium or Robot Framework experience... and within just a couple of weeks I was able to get everything installed and automate several end to end web application tests. I'm so glad I found these tutorials, as they've helped me immensely.

Leopoldo Gonzalez
First of all, let me say THANKS for creating this Robot Framework course! You have helped me out SO much and I can honestly say I would have paid more for the training. I cannot emphasize how much benefit I have gotten from this. You did a great job at explaining the download & configuration of all of the tools. I followed it to the letter (in this case word-by-word) and it could not have been easier. I've been developing automation frameworks for over 20 years, total of 30 years in the software QA industry and I can honestly say that this is really the way to go! I was up and ready to write scripts literally the same day. It's awesome!  Great job and thanks again.

Renata Baldissara
You should be proud of yourself. You are an amazing teacher. The speed is just right, the voice clear, the content is well explained so any audience could follow along and do all the steps you have shown. I am amazed with how well you explain all the different topics from the most simple to the most difficult ones. Grade 10 out of 10! I definitely give an excellent 5 star review to your course, as my experience so far has been great. Cannot wait to see what is coming in future courses!

Souvik Sarker
I find the tutorials extremely helpful! They have very detailed steps for installation along with the basic knowledge that is required to use the tool. I wish I had this tutorial with me when I was starting my  Robot Framework adventure!! It makes life really easy for a "not so technical guy" like me. Since I was using RIDE earlier to write & run my scripts, the PyCharm IDE was new to me. I love the way you have explained the script writing & execution process. This is a very helpful guide for starters.

Gary Sweezy
I highly recommend the Robot Framework Level 1 course for anyone new to RF. The course topics are broken down into small, digestible, easy to follow sessions and Bryan does an exceptional job explaining and guiding the user through the various course content. This includes the somewhat daunting task of installing Robot Framework and its supporting libraries & tools... to the fundamentals of creating and organizing your first project. The course is seamless! I was up and running with Robot Framework in a fraction of the time I would have spent otherwise.

Shaik Babu
Test Lead, India
The videos are simply superb, as you have explained all in such a way that even beginners can understand. The pace perfect and anyone can follow without any problem. I am confident that this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Robot Framework fundamentals!

Paul Revy
I really enjoyed the website and I think the videos are very watchable. I like that the videos are in short sections so that the user can come and go as time permits. I look forward to the next available series!